Arturo Sinclair





Arturo Sinclair is an award winning film and theater Director, recipient of the Golden Hugo Award at Chicago’s International Film Festival and winner of over 10 Clio awards for his commercial cinematography.

He has been Vice President of Creative at and Creative Director at R/GA New York. He was awarded the “Salmagundi Club Award” in NY for painting.

Mr.Sinclair is well known in professional circles, having organized large international exhibitions like “El Amor/La Muerte” for the Kulturreferat in Munich, which included live performance and virtual simultaneous participation of artists from different countries.

He has a permanent exhibit at St. Louis Living World Pavilion and his personal work was chosen by the Berlin Museum as the frontispiece for “The Works of Man” exhibition which toured Europe in 1998. His new media work has recently been exhibited at the Madonna House as part of Art Basel, Miami 2003. as well as Art Basel 2004 at the Dot 51 Gallery.

His work includes the design of the virtual reality environment for Paramount’s production “Virtuosity”, starring Denzel Washington and Rusell Crowe, the design of a ride simulation for the Olympic Committee’s “Olympic Spirit” as well as many other film, TV series and theater and puppetry works for which he is widely recognized.

He currently teaches Film, 3D and Motion Graphics at Ithaca College and collaborates in research and experimentation on the convergence of media. His current interests include robotics and animatronics, augmented reality and bridging the virtual with the real world.




Arturo Sinclair    1(352) 213 8968